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The Value of An Elevator Speech

In a landscape where sound bytes are cheap and talk is expensive, it’s important to be able to describe what you do for a living quickly, succinctly and simply. A readily available, deliverable and digestible script will serve you well throughout your career. Think of it as an “elevator speech” where you have only seconds to tell your targets about what you do and how you can be of service. It’s a mistake to presume that you have more than 30 seconds of their attention.

Use this limited time to connect with your audience by communicating in terms and language that are both comprehensible and relevant to laypersons. If you successfully engage the target, listen to and learn about the person with whom you are speaking, and tailor your follow up once granted the opportunity.

Take the following two statements and consider their effectiveness (or ineffectiveness). (1) “I am a land use attorney.” (2) “I am an attorney who represents developers with zoning and wetlands issues. I help my clients obtain approvals and permits to enable them to accomplish their goals.”

In light speed, the second statement clearly establishes who you are, what types of law you practice, what types of clients you represent, and what types of matters you handle on behalf of those clients. If you think it’s appropriate and you haven’t already depleted your bank of seconds, end your description with a question such as “Does your organization face these kinds of issues?”

To prepare and perfect an effective and engaging elevator speech, follow these basic guidelines:

1. Identify your area of practice; the types of clients and/or industries you represent; and the kinds of matters you handle on behalf of clients. If you practice in more than one area, repeat the exercise as appropriate.

2. Speak in the active voice.

3. Be enthusiastic.

4. Practice your speech.

Prepared with an appropriate elevator speech, you will project an image of confidence and composure when you network. For more information about how to communicate effectively with clients and prospects, please contact info@ldfmc.com.