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Is Your Firm Communicating Effectively With Clients?

Connecting with clients is an important priority. Professional relationships hinge on communication. Even the most well intended marketing initiatives may be undermined by a fundamental failure to connect with the target audience and deliver a sharply-crafted message.

Identifying proper communication channels to speak with clients and prospects is only half the challenge. Equally important, is packaging an appropriate message that conveys and supports the image the firm is seeking to project to its audience. Once defined, the message should be integrated into all marketing efforts and platforms, including identity materials, website content and imagery, client publications, advertisements, etc. to ensure its resonance.

When developing a message, firms must strive to look outward and not inward. Instead of producing a laundry list of ideals the firm represents, look at the market the firm seeks to attract, and consider what these clients need from the firm. Ideally, the message should be reflective of a strategic firm vision and branding program.

Getting started can be an overwhelming exercise marked by conflicting and competing interests, beliefs and goals. While vetting through this process will require determination, focus and building consensus, success will beget new business opportunities from the types of clients the firm is specifically targeting. Jump-start the endeavor by following these basic guidelines:

1. Designate an interested and diplomatic partner to champion the project.

2. Identify the types of clients the firm most prizes and seeks to represent.

3. Anticipate the legal needs of these clients.

4. Position the firm as uniquely qualified to serve these needs. Differentiate the firm from competitors.

5. Resist the inclination to project that the firm is all things to all clients.

6. Craft an engaging message that will speak to and resonate with the target audience.

7. Share a draft message with an appropriate and trusted client and solicit feedback.

8. Sharpen, adopt and weave the message into all marketing efforts.

Ultimately, effective communication has the power to solidify and grow relationships. A tight and consistent message will allow firms to maximize marketing and business development initiatives and resources. Take the extra time to be strategic and reap the crop of seeds the effort will ultimately sow. For more information, please contact info@ldfmc.com.