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Maximizing Personal Business Development Efforts

While many attorneys understand both the requirement to develop business and the upside associated with success – partnership, compensation, control of one’s destiny, etc. – they are not comparably aware of how to go about the process itself. After all, they didn’t take a “How to” class at law school. Nonetheless, adherence to these simple practices will get you started and moving in a positive direction.

For the sake of this discussion, assume that a referral source recently identified a client who may be in need of your services. Before turning your attention to pursuing the lead, make a note of the referral, promptly send a quick note of thanks, and remember to reciprocate. Now, where to begin?

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Is Your Firm Communicating Effectively With Clients?

Connecting with clients is an important priority. Professional relationships hinge on communication. Even the most well intended marketing initiatives may be undermined by a fundamental failure to connect with the target audience and deliver a sharply-crafted message.

Identifying proper communication channels to speak with clients and prospects is only half the challenge. Equally important, is packaging an appropriate message that conveys and supports the image the firm is seeking to project to its audience. Once defined, the message should be integrated into all marketing efforts and platforms, including identity materials, website content and imagery, client publications, advertisements, etc. to ensure its resonance.

When developing a message, firms must strive to look outward and not inward. Instead of producing a laundry list of ideals the firm represents, look at the market the firm seeks to attract, and consider what these clients need from the firm. Ideally, the message should be reflective of a strategic firm vision and branding program.

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The Value of An Elevator Speech

In a landscape where sound bytes are cheap and talk is expensive, it’s important to be able to describe what you do for a living quickly, succinctly and simply. A readily available, deliverable and digestible script will serve you well throughout your career. Think of it as an “elevator speech” where you have only seconds to tell your targets about what you do and how you can be of service. It’s a mistake to presume that you have more than 30 seconds of their attention.

Use this limited time to connect with your audience by communicating in terms and language that are both comprehensible and relevant to laypersons. If you successfully engage the target, listen to and learn about the person with whom you are speaking, and tailor your follow up once granted the opportunity.

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